Pet Boarding

Many pet owners take their furry friends wherever they go. However, business trips, family vacations and other travel plans may require you to find a safe place for your dog or cat to stay. Boarding your pet with an animal hospital you trust is one of the best ways to ensure your pet is happy and healthy while you are away.

Nottingham Animal Hospital offers comprehensive pet boarding services in the Hamilton area. When you choose our pet boarding facility, you can travel with total peace of mind that your pet will receive excellent care and attention. Contact our office today to learn more about our boarding services.

About Our Pet Boarding Services

Many pets get lonely during their owners’ workdays, making extended trips even more stressful for them. Whether your destination is not pet-friendly or your dog or cat gets anxious when traveling, boarding ensures your pet receives care and supervision from trained professionals. We can accommodate your pet while you take a day trip, go out of town overnight or embark on a longer vacation.

Much like children at daycare, your furry friend can enjoy their own vacation in a safe, clean and comfortable environment with plenty of other pets. Our state-of-the-art facility includes spacious indoor and outdoor areas for rest, play and everything in between. The attentive team at Nottingham Animal Hospital has the expertise to provide any medical care your dog or cat needs. We can even walk, train and groom them.

What to Expect When Your Pet Boards With Us

Before scheduling cat or dog a boarding session with us, we encourage you to alert our team if you have any special requests for your pet. These can include their favorite toys, bed needs, medication or feeding schedule. When you tell us these details in advance, we can ensure everything is ready for your pet as soon as they arrive.

We offer boarding services for cats and dogs and unique amenities to entertain your pet throughout their stay. While specific options may vary based on availability, your pet will have access to a spacious, comfortable place to sleep.

Going outdoors is an essential part of your pet’s day, giving them a chance to stretch their legs and use their excess energy. Our team will also ensure your pet can take bathroom breaks, socialize with other boarders or play independently. We maintain scheduled feeding times, and our staff can adapt these to your pet’s schedule. If they have medication that needs to be taken around mealtimes and at specific intervals, we can accommodate those requirements.

If you want to know more about the specific amenities we offer or see them for yourself, we invite you to schedule a tour of our facility. During your visit, our pet-loving team will be happy to answer any questions and ensure you feel comfortable and confident leaving your furry friend in our care.

Benefits of Pet Boarding

While pet boarding offers plenty of opportunities for your pet to play, it also provides long-lasting benefits that affect their overall well-being. Some of the top benefits of our pet boarding services include:

Preventing Your Pet’s Stress

By boarding your pet, you can be confident they will receive as much love and attention as they would at home. Your pet will have plenty of opportunities for play and interaction with our staff to ensure they feel safe, calm and comfortable.

Ensuring Safety for Your Pet and Home

If your dog or cat feels bored or has pent-up energy and anxiety, they may release these feelings through destructive tendencies, causing damage to your home. At our boarding facility, your pet will be under near-constant supervision, and they will have plenty of chances to move and release energy.

Our outdoor spaces allow your dog to get the necessary exercise while also ensuring mental stimulation for their mind. Our doggy daycare program provides numerous opportunities for your dog to have fun, from planned activities like multiple opportunities to socialize each day to casual playtime.

Helping Your Pet Make Friends — Furry and Otherwise

Boarding lets your pet socialize with staff and other animals and make new friends. Dogs and cats are social animals and enjoy the chance to make new human and animal friends. At our boarding facility, your dog and cat can move and play with others to help them build connections for a memorable boarding experience.

Knowing Your Pet Is in Safe Hands

It can be challenging to find someone to watch your pets, especially if your furry friend needs medication or more attention than other dogs and cats. Our team loves animals, and we have the formal training and education to match our passion for caring for your pets. Whether your pet just needs someone to play with or they have behavioral tendencies that require additional supervision, our staff can meet their needs.

Before Boarding

To ensure all our boarders are safe, we require all cats and dogs staying in our facility to be up-to-date on their vaccines. If your pet still needs their vaccinations, you can schedule an appointment with Nottingham Animal Hospital to receive them at least three days before boarding. Cats must also test negative for FIV and FeLV.

We enforce these policies so pet owners like you can feel confident that their dog or cat will come home just as healthy as they left. Board your pet comfortably, knowing all animals in our facility have been vaccinated for contagious illnesses.

Board Your Pet at Pet Facility in Hamilton, NJ!

Whether you are going on an extended vacation or a brief work trip, it is essential to ensure your pet will still receive the care they need. At Nottingham Animal Hospital, we offer boarding for dogs and cats of any age in Hamilton. If you have another pet you need to board, contact us at 609-587-0222 to discuss how we can accommodate them. 

If you need to go out of town and are ready to leave your pet in our caring hands, we encourage you to schedule an appointment for pet boarding today at 609-587-0222!

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