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Senior Pet Wellness Tuesdays

10% off wellness exams for senior pets


The American Animal Hospital Association and the American Veterinary Medical Association recommend twice yearly exams for senior pets.  Due to their shorter life span animals age much more quickly than people - one year in a pet’s life is equivalent to about 7 years in a human’s life depending on species, breed and size.


What is a senior?  Animals are considered senior when they have reached the last 25% of the average expected life span for species and breed.  Taken as an average (e.g. giant breed dogs will age more quickly and toy breed dogs more slowly), we consider the following seniors:


Dogs 7 years of age and older

Cats 10 years of age and older


There are a number of common conditions we see in senior pets:

Arthritis, Dental disease,

Kidney disease, Thyroid disease,

Diabetes, Cushing’s syndrome,

Cardiovascular disease, Gastrointestinal conditions

Ocular changes, Skin tumors, Cognitive Dysfunction (senility)

Many of these conditions can be diagnosed on physical exam or blood work early in the course of the disease.  This allows for treatment options that can have a great impact on both the lifespan of your pets and the quality of life with which they live their senior years.


If you schedule a wellness exam for your senior pet on a Tuesday we are offering 10% off the fee for the exam.*  Schedule your next visit today!

* additional charges or sick pet visits will be at standard pricing