FAQ Free Vaccine Program

Nottingham Animal Hospital

3607 Nottingham Way
Hamilton, NJ 08690



Frequently Asked Questions:

1. If I give away my pet will the new owner be able to use the policy?
The policy is for one owner only and is not transferable to other owners even for the same pet.

2. If my pet dies, runs away, or goes to a new home shortly after purchasing the policy can I get a refund?
In order to make this program available and affordable, we cannot give refunds after purchase for any reason.

3. What happens if I do not make it in to see the doctor before my year passes?
In order to make this program useful to you and to us, we must see your pet within 30 days of his or her well care due date. If you do not come in to see the doctor within that time frame, then your policy becomes null and void. If this happens you may either purchase vaccines and well care examinations individually from that time on or you may re-enroll in the program if it is still available.

4. Can I use my enrollment fee for all of my pets?
The terms of the program includes only one pet per one enrollment fee.

5. If I have more then one pet do I get a discount on any other pets?
Because this is already priced to be very affordable, we do not offer any other discounts for this service.

6. Can I transfer the policy to another pet?
The policy is for one pet only and is not transferable to other pets

We hope you can take advantage of the substantial savings available through Free Vaccines For Life. It’s our way to help your pet live a healthier, happier life!!