About Us - Nottingham Animal Hospital - Hamilton, NJ

Nottingham Animal Hospital

3607 Nottingham Way
Hamilton, NJ 08690


Nottingham Animal Hospital was started in 1989 to provide the BEST medical care for our patients in a friendly, comfortable, and professional environment.   We provide individualized veterinary care for your pet, taking into consideration the age, breed,  and lifestyle of your pet.  We recognize that each pet has individual needs, and we want to be the primary veterinary resource for your  pets from their first visit to end of life decisions.

We offer yearly or biannual comprehensive physical exams, vaccines, preventative care, dentistry, surgery, therapy laser treatment, small mammal care, nutritional counseling, and behavioral recommendations.  Our appointment times allow for detailed discussions of your pet's history.  Our receptionists schedule wellness visits, comprehensive (sick) visit exams, medical progress exams, developmental (puppy and kitten) visits, and technician visits to maximize care and minimize waiting.   We  provide written report cards for your pet exams, so that you can review the physical exam findings and treatment recommendations after you leave. 

Our staff consists of highly trained certified veterinary technicians, assistants, and receptionists, in addition to our experienced veterinarians.  We all truly love our job, and want to help your pets live their happiest, healthiest lives.

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