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   Nottingham Animal Hospital

    3607 Nottingham Way

    Hamilton, NJ 08690


 Our Veterinarians


Dr. Graham

I grew up on a small farm in Bloomington, Indiana.  My early years were spend surrounded by animals, and I always knew that I would someday become a veterinarian.

I attended DePauw University in Greencastle, Indiana, and graduated with a B.A. in Zoology in 1981. I then graduated from veterinary school at Purdue University, and moved to New Jersey in 1985.  I originally thought that I would spend a year or two in New Jersey, but I'm still here! (and loving it!)  On August 1, 1989, after 4 years of veterinary practice in New Jersey, I opened the Nottingham Animal Hospital.

My husband Joe and I are thrilled to be raising three wonderful children: Joe (17), Abigail (15), and Amy (13).  Our 4 legged family includes  a Petite Basset Griffin Vendeen (small French basset) named Jean Luc, a very fat guinea pig named Aggie, and a very sweet kitty named Lacey.

I think veterinary medicine is the greatest career in the world.  Every day is different; every day brings new challenges and interesting cases.  I enjoy treating internal medicine cases, geriatrics, and ophthalmology.  I particularly enjoy interacting with our patients' owners, many of whom I consider friends.

When I am not at Nottingham, I spend as much time as possible with  my family.  All 3 of my kids are very busy with activities.  Joe is a Senior at Nottingham High School, and enjoys playing football (STATE CHAMPS!!!!  WOO HOO!!!!), swimming, and track.   Abby is a Sophomore at Nottingham, and loves to perform in musical theater productions.  She has been in many shows  at  Kelsey Theater, Playhouse 22, and  Villagers Theater.    Amy is our horsewoman, and enjoys horse shows (hunter/jumper) and has also been in musical productions at Crockett, Kelsey Theater  and Open Air Theater, and studies dance at a local dance academy.   Our entire family  enjoys traveling; in fact, Joe and I met in Belgium in 1986.  If I were to have free time, I enjoy music, knitting, reading,  antiques,  throwing pottery on my pottery wheel, and you can occasionally  find me in the catwalk (appropriately)  shining spotlights at Kelsey Theater.



Dr. Rankin 

"General Practitioner" is an apt description of me as I enjoy all aspects of being a veterinarian, from internal medicine to surgery to preventative health care.  I limit my practice to dogs and cats, leaving treatment of other pets to Dr. Adler-Bush.  My day is complete when I see a healthy puppy or kitten, when I am able to help a sick pet recover, or when I can offer advice or solace to a client.

I have always loved animals, but I didn't discover that I wanted to be a veterinarian until I started working as an animal health technician when I graduated from college.  I found that I not only enjoyed helping the pets, but also liked working with their owners.

The challenges and rewards of veterinary medicine still excite me, and even after 20+ years in this profession I look forward to going to work each morning.

I earned my undergraduate degree summa cum laude in Animal Science from the University of New Hampshire in 1977, and worked for 5 years as an animal health technician before I applied to the New York State College of Veterinary Medicine at Cornell University. In 1986 I earned by DVM degree.

As those of you with children can attest, most of my spare time is spent with my son and daughter, at their various activities, or juggling cars in the driveway!  As a family we're involved in sports, scouts, and outdoor activities.  On my own, I enjoy horseback riding, bicycling, and reading.

My husband Bruce and I live in Pennsylvania with our 17 year old daughter and 20 year old son. Our four-legged kids include Starbuck, a yellow lab, and Garfield the cat.  The family is rounded out with a variety of tropical fish, frogs, and crabs

.         Dr. Rankin and Starbuck ready for therapeutic laser treatment


Dr. Adler-Bush

For as long as I can remember I have loved animals. Even as a little kid I would bring home strays so my mom could fix them up and make them better. My first veterinary job was at the age of 15; I volunteered at my local vet, cleaning cages and walking the dogs. Every summer after that I would work as a tech assistant, doing everything from scooping poop to monitoring anesthesia.

I attended The College of New Jersey, and in1997 graduated with a Bachelor's degree in biology. From there I went to the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine. In 2001, I graduated and spent the first three years of my professional life at a practice in north NJ.

 My husband Dennis and I  live with 3 cats - Monster, Sebastian, and Smudge.  We are the parents of a 6 year old boy who keep us entertained. 
In my "spare time," I enjoy gardening, cooking, Zumba, and music. 

There are so many things about veterinary medicine that I enjoy. It's great to see brand new kittens and puppies come in for their first checkups, or to witness a very ill patient finally turn the bend and recover. Working up complex medical cases is another enjoyable challenge. One of the things that was a pleasant surprise to me was how many great people there are out there. It is amazing what people will tell you during an office visit! I see mainly cats and dogs, although I do count rabbits, ferrets, and assorted rodents among my patients.