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Dr. Graham

I grew up on a small farm in Bloomington, Indiana.  My early years were spend surrounded by animals, and I always knew that I would someday become a veterinarian.

I attended DePauw University in Greencastle, Indiana, and graduated with a B.A. in Zoology in 1981. I then graduated from veterinary school at Purdue University, and moved to New Jersey in 1985.  I originally thought that I would spend a year or two in New Jersey, but I'm still here! (and loving it!)  On August 1, 1989, after 4 years of veterinary practice in New Jersey, I opened the Nottingham Animal Hospital.

My husband Joe and I are thrilled to be raising three wonderful children: Joe (20), Abigail (18), and Amy (16).  Our 4 legged family includes  a geriatric Petite Basset Griffin Vendeen (small French basset) named Jean Luc,  and 2 very energetic kittens, Finn and Duncan.

I think veterinary medicine is the greatest career in the world.  Every day is different; every day brings new challenges and interesting cases.  I enjoy treating internal medicine cases, geriatrics, and ophthalmology.  I particularly enjoy interacting with our patients' owners, many of whom I consider friends.

When I am not at Nottingham, I spend as much time as possible with  my family.  All 3 of my kids are very busy with activities.  Joe is a  graduate of  Nottingham High School, where he enjoyed playing football (STATE CHAMPS!!!!), swimming, and track. He is currently working hard at 2 jobs.  Abby will  attend Mount Holyoke College in the Fall, and loves to perform in musical theater productions, was  drum major of the Nottingham Marching Unit, and works at Kuser Mansion. Abby has also worked at Nottingham Animal Hospital as a receptionist.    Amy is a Junior at Nottingham, is captain of the band front,  and is a competitive dancer with a local dance academy.   Our entire family enjoys traveling; in fact, Joe and I met in Belgium in 1986.  If I were to have free time, I enjoy music, knitting, reading,  antiques,  and throwing pottery on my pottery wheel.



Dr. Rankin 

"General Practitioner" is an apt description of me as I enjoy all aspects of being a veterinarian, from internal medicine to surgery to preventive health care.  My day is complete when I see a healthy puppy or kitten, when I am able to help a sick pet recover, when I can help maintain a senior patient’s quality of life, or when I can offer advice or solace to a client. The challenges and rewards of veterinary medicine still excite me, and even after 20+ years in this profession I look forward to going to work each morning.

I grew up in a small town in Westchester County, New York, and earned my undergraduate degree from the University of New Hampshire. I have always loved animals, but didn’t realize that I wanted to be a vet until I took a job as a veterinary technician after college. The next step was vet school and I graduated from the New York State College of Veterinary Medicine at Cornell University in 1986.

I joined the team at Nottingham Animal Hospital when my husband and I and our 2 children moved to the area in 1997. Since then I’ve had the pleasure of working with Dr. Graham and a wonderful group of technicians and receptionists, but, more importantly, have enjoyed all of our clients and their 4 legged children.

My husband Bruce and I live in Pennsylvania with our college age daughter and son. We recently lost our sweet yellow lab, Starbuck, and Garfield the cat at a respectable 20 years of age.  When I take my vet hat off I enjoy kayaking, hiking, step class at the gym, and reading.

.          Dr. Rankin and Starbuck ready for therapeutic laser treatment


Dr. Heather Pearson

I frequently tell people, I knew I was going to become a veterinarian when I was six years old, but then I forgot for 20 years. I grew up in a small town in upstate NY. While we were literally in the center of town, we constantly had a series of critters passing through our home. Aside from the large collection of pets (dogs, cats, rabbits, hedgehog, rats and snakes to name a few), my mother was involved in wildlife rehabilitation so there were frequently orphaned raccoons, squirrels, songbirds and the occasional injured adult raptor.

Surrounded by so many wild animals, I veered off course and explored a career in the study of animal behavior in the wild. I received my undergraduate degree at Cornell University in 2000 in Wildlife Biology. Through college and shortly afterward I had the opportunity to participate in the research of several species including songbirds, humpback whales and primates. In my mid twenties, however, I started working in a veterinary hospital as a technician and was thrilled to find that the medicine was as fascinating to me as the animals themselves. Shortly after I started veterinary school at Tufts University and graduated with my DVM in 2008.

I still love wildlife and seek out every opportunity to be outdoors, but I also continue to be fascinated by the complex physiology that makes up our furry friends. I particularly enjoy pain management and anesthesia, surgery and small mammal medicine (e.g. rabbits, ferrets, guinea pigs and other small mammals). My absolute favorite thing about general practice is developing long-standing relationships with clients and their pets based on mutual trust, respect and compassion.

When I am not at work, I spend as much time as possible with my two little girls, Ariella and Nora, and my husband, Asif. To round out our family we have two sweet golden retrievers, Amis and Huxley, and a mischievous feline, Mr. Bobo. Prior to the tiny people I also thoroughly enjoyed reading, hiking, scuba diving and travel.